ACARE General Assembly held 26th October 2016

The General Assembly of the Advisory Council of Aviation Research (ACARE), chaired by Prof. Rolf Henke, Aeronautics Board of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), met in Brussels on 26th October 2016. ACARE brings together the leading representatives of the European aviation sector from politics, business and science. Together, they are maintaining the guidelines for the European Aviation Research and Innovation Strategy for tomorrow.

During 2016, General Assembly (GA) members have provided advice on the update of the Strategic Research and Innovations Agenda (SRIA) which was originally published in 2012 to adapt it to current developments and needs. To this end, GA members analysed the changes in the boundary conditions and the resulting research needs from the perspectives of air traffic management, airports, airlines, manufacturing industry and the member states. "In the summer of 2017, we want to present the revised agenda to the public," says ACARE Chairman Prof. Rolf Henke. "The agenda is intended to give all stakeholders, and in particular policy makers, an orientation to address the most urgent research-related questions in aviation and how they can be answered from a scientific, technological and organisational perspective".

With some 450 airlines, 700 airports and one of the world's leading aeronautics industries, Europe is one of the most extensive air transport markets in the world. It is also a major provider of highly qualified jobs and production facilities on the European ground. In addition to existing issues such as fuel and noise reduction, new challenges including innovative manufacturing processes, the increased importance of cybersecurity and developments in the field of unmanned air transport should be incorporated into the updated agenda within the EU. As in the case of the previous documents, the updated SRIA will be reflected in European and National aviation research programmes.

The GA received a comprehensive brief from the Austrian aeronautics research program “TakeOff” an example which demonstrated how the SRIA guidelines from ACARE have played a significant role in helping Austria to shape its approach to research and innovation. This was echoed by representatives from other member states. The German aviation research programme, where the third call for project proposals was recently published, is another prominent example of the implementation of the SRIA in the member states pointed out by Holger Schlienkamp of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy.

Note to Editors

The European Commission published its vision "Flightpath 2050" in March 2011 which details key objectives for the development of aviation in Europe by the middle of the century. It includes Environmental goals that technologies by 2050 will reduce CO2 emissions by 75 percent per passenger kilometer and noise emissions by 65 percent compared to 2000. To achieve such ambitious goals ACARE has developed the SRIA for public and private aviation research in Europe. The overarching aims are to ensure long-term research and development for clean, quiet, comfortable and safe air traffic as well as to ensure global leadership in Europe for this sector.

ACARE has been drawing up guidelines for aviation research as a forum for all major aviation stakeholders in Europe since 2001. Since the first formulation of challenging goals in the "Aeronautics Vision 2020" thousands of research projects have been undertaken by ACARE members at European and National levels. 


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