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By 2050, aviation serves society, connecting people and cultures providing climate neutral, competitive, safe, secure, resilient and affordable air mobility for passengers and freight as a core component of a world-leading sustainable European multimodal mobility service

Climate neutrality for aviation by 2050 is the most challenging and exciting ambition since the beginning of the jet age. All aviation stakeholders must work seamlessly hand-in-hand with other transport modes and sectors, such as energy, for its achievement. Well-aligned policies and incentives must facilitate and prioritise research and innovation as well as maturation and application of new aviation technologies to enable the swift adoption of the cleanest operations.

A group of High-level Experts, comprising the entire European Aviation Sector’s ecosystem have gathered together in ACARE. This group has combined reference material, such as Destination 2050, the Fit for 55 package, and outputs from the International Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) and COP26, with their own broad knowledge and expertise to envision the path towards sustainable aviation.

The work has culminated in a set of detailed, quantitative goals to be achieved by 2050 with intermediate milestones in 2030 and 2035.

The path to achieving the goals is summarised as

Short-term actions – by 2030:

European Union (EU) airlines are enabled and incentivised to deliver immediate impact by offering the cleanest, most climate friendly, passenger centric and competitive on- ground and in the air operations by exploiting the full potential of innovative solutions and upgrades available at that time.

EU aviation research replenishes resources rapidly and creates a transformative technology pipeline of solutions, demonstrating their regional applicability.

EU regulatory bodies accelerate the new energy and fuel infrastructures at airports as well as working closely with international bodies for new standards.

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Mid-term milestones - by 2035:

Europe has demonstrated, developed and certifies new fully sustainable commercial aircraft and operational solutions, ready and available for deployment in airline fleets.

100 European clean air mobility city hubs have been launched to offer end-to-end connection services that are seamlessly integrated, highly efficient and climate neutral, with increased use of hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) technologies under commercially attractive ‘level playing field’ conditions already tested and proven thanks to regulatory sandboxes.

EU citizens are enthusiastically embarking on the transition to a new era of air mobility.

Long-term objectives - from 2035 to 2050:

Airports, airlines and all aviation operators enable an unprecedented roll-out of disruptive sustainable fleets and services to achieve the 2050 goals. European passengers and citizens enjoy affordable, clean, silent and seamless mobility.

Global demand for European air mobility science, products and services is high. Long lasting benefits are delivered due to excellence in ecological and economic performance.

The accelerated transformation to a new dawn in aviation history has been secured by a comprehensive set of smart and agile regulations and carefully crafted strategic incentives.

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"European cohesion and prosperity relies on efficient sustainable mobility of citizens and goods. In it’s joint effort Europe envisages to lead the path for sustainable aviation in the world"
Henrik Hololei
Director General Mobility and Transport

The overall Vision is only possible with the proactive support and facilitation of the European Commission (EC) and EU Member States that support the implementation through synchronised instruments tailored to the stakeholders’ position in the value chain and phased to accelerate the evolutions of solutions through the development life-cycle.

Throughout the process, ACARE will continue to play the key role of aligning all stakeholders and advising the EC, in a balanced, cohesive and unbiased manner.

Download the ACARE vision document, Fly the Green Deal

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