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Fly the Green Deal - Europe‘s Vision for sustainable aviation


Berlin, 21st June 2022 – the Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe (ACARE) on behalf of all aviation stakeholders throughout Europe today presented the new European aviation vision “Fly the Green Deal” which succeeds the 2011 vision document Flightpath 2050.

Aviation is a vital contributor to Europe’s economic and social well-being. It provides global mobility for citizens and freight and makes a massive contribution to wealth generation by facilitating tourism, cohesion and generating investments. However, the societal, ecological, political and technical environment is evolving rapidly and keeps raising requirements and expectations and requires a new approach to conquer these challenges.
Based on its open forum for discussion, its consensus-based decision-making process and its unique representation that includes the European Commission, its Member States, Academia, Research organizations, the Aircraft Manufacturing Industry, Airports, Airlines, Air Navigation Service Providers, Eurocontrol and EASA, ACARE was tasked by the European Commission to come up with a new European vision for sustainable aviation, especially in view of the Green Deal of the European Commission.
To ensure that this vision will deliver impact towards its goals, it goes beyond research and includes also topics of new product development, deployment, energy, fuel, infrastructures, digitalisation and the implementation framework and synergies.
During the Berlin Aviation Summit 2022 the ACARE Chair Team (J.B. Dumont, B. de Vries, R. Henke) handed ‘Fly the Green Deal’ over to German Vice Chancellor and Minister Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck and the representative of the European Commission, Rosalinde van der Vlies, Director Clean Planet DG RTD.

ACARE Chair Jean Brice Dumont

“With this joined vision, where all private and public stakeholders are acting on aligned timelines, we can fly the Green Deal”

Rosalinde van der Vlies:

"The European Commission calls to accelerate the transition to climate neutrality and fully supports all stakeholders to turn this new ACARE “European Vision for Sustainable Aviation” endorsed by more than 100 stakeholders into concrete actions"


ACARE is a forum for Aviation stakeholders, which since 2000, has set the research and innovation agenda for delivering significant improvements in sustainable, reliable, affordable and passenger-friendly aviation. Significant progress has been made since 2000: new aircraft designs are quieter and burn less fuel per passenger kilometre which means lower emissions. Based on the new Vision for Aviation ACARE will adapt its scope and will go beyond R&D. To ensure that new products, services and technologies will enter into services as soon as possible, ACARE extended its focus up to TRL-9.

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