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Societal and market needs

Sustainable mobility is essential for Europe’s social well-being and economic development.
The synergies between good connectivity, wealth and prosperity, cohesion, international relations and stability are long-established and well-known.
Air transport must support economic growth and add value at European, regional and local levels by providing the connectivity required by business to support export and inward investment as well as providing local employment both directly and indirectly.
Mobility is also very important for social reasons, for example to enable visits to friends and relatives and for leisure purposes.
The goals of Flightpath 2050
  1. An air traffic management system is in place that provides a range of services to handle at least 25 million flights a year of all types of vehicle, including unmanned and autonomous systems that are integrated into and interoperable with the overall air transport system with 24-hour efficient operation of airports. European air space is used flexibly to facilitate reduced environmental impact from aircraft operations.
  2. A coherent ground infrastructure is developed including: airports, vertiports and heliports with the relevant servicing and connecting facilities, also to other modes.
  3. European citizens are able to make informed mobility choices and have affordable access to one another, taking into account: economy, speed, and level of service (which can be tailored to the individual customer). Continuous, secure and robust high-bandwidth communications are provided for added-value customer applications.
  4. 90% of travellers within Europe are able to complete their journey, door-to-door within 4 hours. Passengers and freight are able to transfer seamlessly between transport modes to reach the final destination smoothly, predictably and on-time.
  5. Flights arrive within 1 minute of the planned arrival time.
    Regardless of weather conditions. The transport system is resilient against disruptive events and is capable of automatically and dynamically reconfiguring the journey within the network to meet the needs of the traveller if disruption occurs. Special mission flights can be completed in the majority of weather, atmospheric conditions and operational environments.
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