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Maintaining and extending industrial leadership

Technological leadership is the major competitive differentiator, and is significantly driven by optimisation of energy and environmental performance, efficiency and quality of service as well as reliability.
Although it enjoys competitive advantage today, the European aviation sector must continuously innovate to remain a global leader.
The goals of Flightpath 2050
  1. The whole European aviation industry is strongly competitive, delivers the best products and services worldwide and has a share of more than 40% of its global market.
  2. Europe will retain leading edge design, manufacturing and system integration capabilities and jobs supported by high profile, strategic, flagship projects and programmes which cover the whole innovation process from basic research to full-scale demonstrators.
  3. Streamlined systems engineering, design, manufacturing, certification and upgrade processes have addressed complexity and significantly decreased development costs (including a 50% reduction in the cost of certification). A leading new generation of standards is create
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