To mitigate aircraft and airport noise

Protecting the environment and the energy supply
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To mitigate aircraft and airport noise
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Improving the airport towards the future through a global approach The airport is a crucial infrastructure enabling the delivery of an air transport service as expected by society in 2050. The main local environmental impacts of air transport operations regard noise, natural resources and local air quality, which can affect health of people and eco systems. Mitigating these impacts is crucial to get acceptance of airports by citizens. The challenge will be to make the numerous stakeholders to work together towards solutions
Solutions for management of Noise Impact (MNI)
Sub capability: 
Understanding & modelling Annoyance
R&I needs: 
- Audio Simulation Tools
Thanks to improved, more realistic conditions for lab testing associated with significant field studies, more knowledge has been gained on psychoacoustic annoyance modelling in order to improve understanding of key psychoacoustic factors associated with air traffic noise and to create (policy) steering opportunities based on both acoustic and non-acoustic factors. EU annoyance-curve for aircraft noise have been revisited considering newer aircraft noise surveys and improved metrics. International cooperation has proved a valuable asset in this area. Light Aviation specificities have been considered.
Key Performance Indicator: 
No people impacted outside airport boundaries + TBD % improvement on LUP Implementation Progress Indicator